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Rick Schirmer, Founder & CEO, IG @ViralBrand.io

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"Rick is the 'rock star' of helping brands make emotional connections, which leads to lifelong, loyal fans." 

- Jody Dreyer - SVP, The Walt Disney Studios

Human Influence. Machine Power.

We help brands go viral with our brand, data, and digital grassroots approach to activating customers, influencers, and entire niche communities.

ViralBrand’s data, influencer network, and award-winning 10-step marketing framework have earned success in a wide array of industries and product verticals (e.g., millennial women, entertainment/Hollywood, mom, family, education, organics, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, spirit/faith, and more).


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ViralBrand's mission to make your brand go VIRAL.

Popular kids in high school get dates easier. Popular brands get sales easier. "Viral brands" spend less money on marketing because they're rooted in digital word-of-mouth popularity and enjoy positive brand sentiment. 

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I’ve worked with Rick on viral campaigns for Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Universal Pictures. He’s a constant pioneer in developing engagement strategies that produce real results for niche audiences that love going to movies.

Marc Cohen, VP of National Publicity, Warner Bros. Pictures

Rick and ViralBrand is the real deal. He has an infectious unquenchable positive drive that will lead to unreal results for your business. Rick genuinely understands and excels at influencer marketing (he pretty much pioneered this field), and his network is robust. More importantly, he truly understands how to make your brand shine in the monotonous sea of other brands. You will fall in love again with your brand through Rick’s eyes. Any brand would be lucky to work with Rick and ViralBrand, we sure are. I rarely meet people with the vision he has.

Tiana Marie Dragos, Chief Digital Officer, Home Appliance Parts Pros

Rick Schirmer is the Superhero of launching ideas.

Jeff Henderson, Chick-fil-A marketing pioneer, Best Selling Author, and Founder of the FOR Company

Rick has an uncanny ability to make work feel like hanging out with your best friend while still keeping it completely professional and, most importantly, results-driven. One second he's checking in on your sick grandmother, and the next, he's reporting that his current campaign is on track to get you 1m+ impressions. Working with Rick is simply a joy, in every sense.

Caroline Chambers, Vice President, Mealthy

Rick is the man! He’s the king of influencer and viral marketing. He does an amazing job!

Stephan Manpearl, Vice President of Theatrical Distribution, Paramount Pictures, Professor of Film & TV Marketing, UCLA

I’ve worked with Rick on two brands so far and, my-oh-my, he was the jolt of energy, brainpower, and creativity that we needed. He has this way of diving into your tangled web of thoughts and turning them into something executable and amazing. He’s a great partner who helped create, launch, and bring our brands to market. I look forward to working with him for years to come!

Michelle Wong, Head of Brand Strategy & Customer Experience, Pacific Dental Services (PDS)

Rick is the "rock star" of helping brands make emotional connections, which lead to lifelong, loyal fans. To witness him in action is amazing and something you don't want to miss! Making the connection between lifelong loyal fans and the brands they love is what Rick is all about. He is a dynamic force that combines creativity AND engagement.

Jody Dreyer, SVP of Marketing, The Walt Disney Company

Rick Schirmer’s drive and enthusiasm are like no other. His ability to build and maintain relationships with clients and prospective clients is uncanny ... Rick is awesome!

Jennifer Payne, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Mercedes-Benz

Rick has the most relational intelligence I've ever met in a human. Not only is he my best friend, but I've learned that he is also everybody's best friend if they have met Rick at least once. This unique gift translates to his ability to sell ideas, work with people, and market products in a social media universe. That is why he has been able to build the best social media networks to connect with hundreds of influencers and millions of impressionable consumers of entertainment and retail products.

Dan Cobb, CEO, DBA Worldwide